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Our approach is to offer you a better experience through increased choice, complete transparency, best-in-class service and payment flexibility

Headquartered in Southern California and in business since 1989, Qtrip’s team of travel enthusiasts is pioneering innovations in travel shopping that make Qtrip the place for a quality trip. From the moment you start your search and see the widest array of basic and premium airline seating options, to discounts on hotels reserved for our members who book flights, a multitude of digital currency payment options, and extending to our support and customer service which is 100% inhouse, not outsourced, based in the U.S. and staffed 100% by more than 125 dedicated company employees – we believe you will love Qtrip for your next trip. We’ve sold more than 5 million airfares to date. Read our story and contact us anytime.


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Our Story


Qtrip's founder, Jeff, launched his first travel brand CheapAir from his college dorm room. His inspiration? How to finance a backpacking trip around Europe.


CheapAir opened a call center in Los Angeles. It was originally known as 1-800-CheapAir.

1995 - 96

The company grows adding call centers in Chicago and New York.


The first online version of the brand launched.


We became the first travel site to allow customers the flexibility and savings of mixing and matching airlines not in partnership agreements to create one booking.


Online sales overtakes phone sales.


AmTrav launches with mission to make business travel easy.


Introduction of “Price Drop Payback” feature; we become the only online travel agency to offer credits when airfares drop after purchase.


First travel site to show in-flight amenities with each flight option.


First travel agency world-wide to accept Bitcoin as an alternate form of payment for flights.


First voice enabled mobile app in the industry, allows you to speak your request instead of typing it in.


CheapAir becomes the first online travel agency to integrate train schedules into air searches, allowing customers to easily compare flight and rail options side by side.


First online travel agency to sell flights to Cuba.


First online travel agency to launch a monthly payment option for flights worldwide.


Debuts industry-first shopping experience combining basic and premium airfares in a side-by-side comparison.


First online travel agency to accept Litecoin, Bitcoin Cash and Dash for flight and hotel bookings.


We became first consumer travel site to debut the “Next Generation Storefront” display, making it much easier for customers to compare different fares on a flight, as well as amenities in an “apples to apples” display.


First online travel agency to accept the digital coin Ethereum for flight and hotel bookings.


Qtrip launches!