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Does the world really need another travel site?


January 10, 2020

A Letter from Jeff Klee, CEO of Qtrip

Welcome to Qtrip – the new place to book travel.

We’re excited to have you with us, but you might be wondering, with a million other travel sites out there, why do we need another one?

It’s a fair question, so let me try to answer it.

First, some background. It’s not completely accurate to say Qtrip is a new site. Although the name is new, the people and technology behind it have been around for quite a while. And this is going to make me sound really, really old to many of you, but I actually started the company back in 1989, when I was still a student at the University of Michigan, before the internet even existed!

In the early years, we were 1-800-CHEAP-AIR, selling airline tickets over the phone. We sent paper tickets to our customers by FedEx so they didn’t have to physically go into a travel agency to buy them. We thought we were so cutting edge!

Eventually the internet came along which allowed me to combine two passions – travel and software development. The first website we launched was CheapAir.com which is still live today. Then, in 2011, we got into the corporate travel business, launching AmTrav. All along the way, we kept hearing from customers about what they wanted and needed and we kept iterating.

We know we’re not the biggest travel company out there, but we have a great development team and we’ve done some pretty innovative things. By combining easy-to-use web sites with a fantastic team of travel advisors (easily reachable by phone or email) we’ve built a company that we’re proud of.

But for a long time now the brand name “CheapAir” hasn’t felt exactly right to us. That brings us to the Qtrip chapter of our story.

Today finding the lowest fares isn’t what sets us apart. Yes, we have invested quite a bit in search technology to aggregate the fares of all the different airlines but, frankly, in 2020 there are lots of sites that do that equally well. We believe what’s compelling about us goes way beyond just price. It’s everything else we do that really makes Qtrip unique.

Here’s how we’re different than other travel sites:


The Qtrip flight search shows all of the different fare / seat options for every flight, not just the lowest / least comfortable, so you can choose which extras are right for you. We make it simple to see what’s included and what will cost extra, and to compare amenities across flights. And if the best trip for you involves traveling in each direction on different airlines or different fare categories (e.g. economy one way and business class on the other), we also make it super easy for you to mix and match any two flights and any two fares.

For only a little more cost, you might be able to get a ticket with more included, or even bonus perks like extra leg room or priority boarding. Once in a while, you may even find a flight where a business class seat is available for a very small upcharge.

No other site offers you that level of choice and flexibility!


Unlike most of our competitors, Qtrip tells it like it is. We show the entire ticket price up front, with taxes included from the very beginning, and there are no hidden fees.

These days, airlines often charge extra to pick seats, to check a bag, or to make changes. Those fees are the same if you book a ticket through the airline directly, or through an online travel agency. Some sites don’t tell you about these fees, which can lead to unpleasant surprises when you get to the airport. Qtrip always discloses any extra fees that apply for seat selection, baggage, or changes.


Our travel advisors are based in the United States and are available to help you book your flights and hotels, rescue you when you’re in a pinch, and answer any questions that may come up.

Everyone who answers your call, or responds to one of your messages, is a full-time company employee — we don’t outsource customer service. And, while we’re not perfect at it, our hold times are usually pretty short.

Payment Flexibility

We also recognize that not everyone wants to pay with a credit card so we offer a lot of non-traditional payment choices.

If you prefer not to use a card, we offer a monthly payment option, or you can pay with cryptocurrency.

We’re especially proud of our relationship with the cryptocurrency community. On Qtrip, you don’t need fiat! We accept Bitcoin, Litecoin, Bitcoin Cash, Dash and Ethereum. We were the first online travel company to accept Bitcoin for flights, way back in 2013, and we’re continuing to innovate and invest in that area.

So that’s Qtrip in a nutshell! Please kick the tires and, hopefully, stay a while. If you have any feedback, good or bad, always feel free to reach out.

Welcome to Qtrip!



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