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Farewell, Hipmunk!

January 23, 2020

Hipmunk, we’re gonna miss you! You showed the world that every travel site doesn’t have to look exactly the same.

hipmunk on cloud waving goodbye with tear

You inspired us to always make it easy to let travelers compare flight options, not just by price, but also by “agony” and “ecstasy”. You were innovators. You blazed your own trail, never feeling you needed to do things exactly like all the others. We will always admire you for that!

We can’t promise to have a mascot as adorable as yours, but we are completely committed to your mission.

We’ll pick up the baton and carry on the good fight, so travelers know they have an advocate working to keep flight search simple and transparent.

Here’s to you, Hipmunk! You’re a class act and a tough act to follow. We’ll try to make you proud!

The Qtrip Team

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