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What to do if you want to cancel your flight due to coronavirus (COVID-19)

March 22, 2020

Due to the unprecedented flight changes and cancellations right now due to COVID-19, if your flight is more than 72 hours from departure please wait until your flight is closer so we can prioritize those with immediate needs.

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Given the circumstances, many people who booked trips for March, April, or beyond want to cancel right now. Unfortunately, this process isn’t as easy or straightforward as it should be. Airlines and online travel agencies are inundated with requests and sometimes impossible to reach. At Qtrip, we have been unable to keep up and we know that for some of you that is making an already stressful situation worse.

If you have a ticket to cancel, please know that, while each airline has a slightly different policy, most airlines are not providing refunds on tickets. Instead, for trips scheduled between now and the end of May, they will waive standard change penalties. This means you can cancel your ticket and you will receive a credit toward a future trip. We know this isn’t ideal for people in the face of so much uncertainty. But for now, the airlines are holding firm and our hands are tied.

There is, however, one important loophole that we can help many of our customers take advantage of. Airlines are dramatically cutting their schedules right now. If your flight is canceled, and the airline is not able to rebook you on another similar flight, you usually can get a refund.

This is key. If you are not scheduled to fly right away, it’s best to wait before you contact us — for two reasons. First, it helps us manage the more urgent calls from travelers who are departing soon and who need the help immediately. But second, the longer you wait the more likely the airline is to cancel your flight, which means you would be eligible for a refund instead of a credit.

Bottom line, if your flight is leaving before April 5, please do not contact us until you are within 72 hours of your scheduled departure. We have to prioritize the imminent departures first.

If you are scheduled to depart after April 5th, please wait until you are within 14 days.

We’re working frantically to respond to every customer and to streamline our processes so we can deliver the best help and the best advice possible. Eventually, this will pass and there will come a day when we are able to live our lives again, including travel. We want to earn your confidence for whenever that time comes. In the meantime, we don’t want to lose sight of what’s most important — the safety of our customers, our team members, and our communities.

Please stay safe.


    1. Hi Keyonta, If you need to make changes or cancel please make sure to reach out via hello@Qtrip.com with your 10 digit booking number and a travel advisor can go over your options. Thank you

  1. hello I like to request travel credit on my booking (Booking# 67639970) because my flight from Vancouver Canada to Thailand was cancel by aircanada but I received the travel credit for the future by(( https://www.justfly.com/))..please give me travel credit for flying when the crisis is over ! thank you ; Michael George Frojan (Booking# 67639970)

    1. Hello Michael, we understand but it seems you reached the wrong travel company. That isn’t our booking number, ours are 10 digits long and start with 19xxxxxxxx or 20xxxxxxxx. Please reach out directly to your booking agency or the airline for assistance with your travel credit. Thanks

  2. I have a booking, #65777595, Johannesburg to Doha to Dallas.
    I’m in lock down and cannot make the April 5 date (lock down in all of South Africa, March 26 through April 16).
    I want to reschedule my return to Dallas, to April 26 or April 27, which ever has available seating.
    Thank you!

    1. Hi Clint, That doesn’t look like our booking number, our booking numbers are 10 digits long and start with 19 or 20xxxxxxxx. Please reach out to your travel agency or the airline and they should be able to help you reschedule your travel. Thank you!

    1. Jose, are you asking if a flight you booked with us is canceled? Do you have your 10-digit booking number (it starts with a #20xxxxxxxx or #19xxxxxxxx if you booked with us in 2019).

    1. Hi Brenon, Airlines are offering flights from New York City to Miami. Please log onto http://www.qtrip.com to check out the available flights and fares. If you already have a booking and you are interested in canceling it, please email our support team at hello@qtrip.com and one of our Travel Advisors will assist you.

  3. Please cancel my booking make sure me a refund for you think your mind looking at number is 2021981898.

    1. Hi Denna, I see that you already spoke to our customer support team and they were able to get you a full refund for the flight. Thank you for booking with us and we hope you will book with us for all your future travel.

    1. Hi Tycondria, I see that you have been in touch with our Customer Service team and they were able to get the airline to processes a refund for you. Thank you for booking with Qtrip, please let us know if there is anything else we can assist with.

  4. Hello due to the virus I need an immediate cancellation and refund. My booking # is : 2021985122
    Your phone service is unavailable please get back to me ASAP thank you

    1. Hello Paige, I looked into your booking and show that it has been processed for a refund already earlier today. Thank you for booking with Qtrip, please let us know if there is anything else we can assist you with.

  5. I just bought 2 tickets form Hawaii to Los Angeles, booking number is 2022001720. How long does it usually take to process a payment?

    1. Hi Jordan,

      I see your booking was confirmed and an email confirmation was sent to you. If you did not receive the email please check your spam folder but you can always access your booking through the My Trips link on our website. There you can view your booking, make changes or print out your confirmation email.

      Thank you for booking with Qtrip.com

  6. I need someone to contact me about my flights that I booked through your company and we’re canceled due to the pandemic. # 2011834173

    Thank you,

    1. Hi Kathryn, I have asked one of our travel advisors to contact you regarding your booking. For future reference, the best way to reach our customer support staff is via email at hello@Qtrip.com. Thank you

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