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Which Countries are Currently Open to Americans?

February 15, 2021

Information current as of 2/24/21

In order to enter the United States, all travelers must now show results of a negative COVID-19 test. This includes U.S. citizens, which creates a little extra pressure for international travelers. Luckily, a lot of airlines and even hotel chains are starting to step up and help test customers with airline tickets and reservations.

In the meantime, if you do get caught out of the country with a positive COVID-19 test, here’s some helpful information that might come in handy in that unfortunate and unlikely situation.

People with real wanderlust should also be aware that there are companies currently developing vaccine passport apps, which will allow international travelers to show proof of vaccination or a negative COVID test in a simple interface and retain their privacy. Once these passports are available, it’s highly likely they will be required for international travel. Check out our post for the latest news about vaccine passports.

Having dispensed with some of the new guidelines and formalities for international travelers, it seems only right that we share the growing list of countries that allow American citizens to visit as of February, 2021. Please do check with each country for current travel requirements to visit. The U.S. State Department is a great resource of country-specific information. Most countries on this list require some form of screening or proof of a negative test upon entry.

countries allowing us visitors

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